I hate money

I hate taxes.

I hate financial aid and loans and tuition.

I hate University and College systems.

I hate the system of government.

This has to be the most bullshit I’ve ever encountered in my 20 years.

The most run-around I’ve ever faced by institutions that are suppose to be legitimate, but have no clue what the fuck they’re doing.

This shit is literally making me want to drop out.

Hey, Man, fuck you.


If only my warmth was as strong and reaching as the sun.

If only every morning I rose and touched all things with a radiant light…

If I gave all things reason to stay alive.


My presence sustaining this chaos of world;

The flowers in bloom for me.

Yet, few contemplate this glowing orb.

If only they could see.

How grand and lovely and free!

I have so much going on right now. I’m signing my lease to move into an apartment in Richmond next week. I’m going crazy just thinking about how badly I need to get away from the bullshit pit that is Chesapeake.
I plan on going to VCU in the fall, so I have to figure that out again, but if it doesn’t work out this time I’ll just work in the city instead. Finding a new job will suck, especially when I just started managing, but at least I’ll have that experience.
I’m pretty sure everyone else is just as done with me as I am with them, so its passed time for me to grab my shit and go.

Being sick blows.

But then I remember how good my body feels when I’m healthy.
Quitting smoking. Cigarettes first, then weed.
I really don’t have money in my budget for it, anyway.
And I’m sure by summer my lungs will thank me, and I’ll be running up and down Monument like a local.
Plus, my future roommate just got a vap, so hallelujah!